New Day 1/Day 2 Schedule!

To try to better organize our school days and to make it easier on our students, staff, and parent community, Bluefield will be following the same schedule as many other high schools starting today in terms of which days are a day 1 and which are a day 2 in our school schedule.

From this point forward, Bluefield school day will follow the calendar.

Odd calendar Days are day 1

Even calendar days are day 2

Below is how March will look like.

March 7 – Day 1

March 8 – Day 2

March 9 – Day 1

March 12 – Day 2

March 13 – Day 1

March 14 – Day 2

March 15 – Day 1

March 16 – Day 2

March 19 – Day 1

March 20 – Day 2

March 21 – Day 1

March 22 – Day 2

March 23 – Day 1

Holiday Baking!

With the holidays quickly approaching, let our classes help you with your Holiday Baking! Attached below is our sweets and prices. Orders are due by Thursday, Dec 14th. All orders will be ready to go home the last week of classes before the holidays! Happy Holidays everyone.

Holiday Baking


Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a fantastic summer and I am so excited to be back at Bluefield again teaching everyone! Feel free to send me an email or talk to me outside of class if you have any questions or concerns about the class. And just a reminder, all your Foods Assignments will be on Google Classroom, so please be sure to join the classroom with your code given in class.

I’m looking forward to a great semester!

Last Blue Bistro

Staff and students our last Blue Bistro for the semester is quickly approaching. The final Blue Bistro will be on the last day of classes,  Thursday, June 8. The meal will be slow roasted Honey BBQ ribs, baked potato, seasonal vegetable, LOL virgin martini, and a slice of coconut cream pie. If you would like to get this meal, please sign up in the office or with Ms Perry before the end of the day Monday, June 5.